How to make Culture great again ? — UX Case study


For our first project at Ironhack UX Bootcamp, we had to work on a global problematic in order to develop our skills in empathizing, defining, and ideating.

Scope & Constraints

Our scope was easy to understand : we had to go from our problematic (that I wrote above) to a solution explained with low-fi or mid-fi wireframes. And we had 10 days to make it happen !

Users & Audience

How to meet and understand our user ?

First of all in order to better understand for who we were working for, we started some research divided in two parts :

The results of our Affinity Diagram

How to define our user profile and journey ?

Now that our research was done, and that we decided where to focus our mind on, we were finally able to define more precisely who we were targeting.

Our persona “Emma”
Our full User Journey Map

The ideation

Assemble the ideas

Now that we were able to define our persona, her journey, and our problem statement, the next step was to ideate in order to gather all our greatest and craziest ideas together.

Me and My Parrot, 1941 by Frida Kahlo
our user flow
Examples of avatars for our application
Final low-fi prototype of our project


The low-fi wireframes and the prototype were the final steps of our project (without counting its presentation to the class). We felt proud of what we accomplished in such a few days, and without almost any experience in UX. For a first project, we thought it was pretty great !



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